Physician Practice Risk Assessments

Do you know the risks in your physician practices?
We do, and you can too.

We provide clients with tools to identify and spotlight risks inherent to physician practice settings. Basing proactive risk management initiatives on identified areas of opportunity, instead of past case trends, more accurately predicts and prevents future claims. Antum Risk identifies your unique risks through individualized assessments utilizing a process and audit tool that we developed over time. Physician practice assessments are followed by both numeric and narrative summaries of findings and a final presentation that highlights trends, outliers, and identified internal resources.

We review the findings and recommendations with you and provide resources to mitigate identified areas of risk. The Physician Practice Toolkit, a compilation of current best practices, sample policies and procedures, and educational materials, can be utilized by your organization to improve processes and reduce risk.


Goals of a Practice Risk Assessment

• Identify problem areas
• Use findings to mitigate risks before they become claims
• Improve processes by using evidence-based best practice resources and tools provided by Antum Risk


Purchasing a new physician practice?

Antum Risk offers a similar service for practices that you have not yet purchased. The pre-onboarding assessment highlights current areas of risk and provides a gap analysis between the current practice and the purchasing organization. This can be incredibly helpful to gain insight into what areas to focus on during the onboarding process, making integration smoother. 

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