All healthcare staff are engaged in some level of risk management. However, healthcare risk management involves much more than just insurance.  The fact is, risk management systems encompass the entire range of services provided by a healthcare facility or clinic. The definition of risk in a healthcare facility is any possible adverse event that may take place anywhere in the facility involving any person.

The team at Antum Risk is proud of our commitment to education and information because we know from experience that while safety issues wax and wane – one threat being more salient now, another becoming more prominent later – there is nothing steadier or more solid than an educated, well-informed approach to risk management.

We  provide the tools and expert information the healthcare industry needs to create environments that are safe for employees, patients, and visitors. The educational opportunities we offer provide guidance into the application of best practices in employee and patient safety.

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Is it me or is it hot in here? Understanding and Preventing Heat Illnesses

Eighteen of the last nineteen years have been the hottest on record and when coupled with the increasing frequency and intensity of extreme heat events, it is not surprising that …

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The Legal Impact of Documentation

If you or your organization are involved in a lawsuit, you will have to defend your decisions and documentation (or lack thereof). The main source of truth will be the …

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30 Hour OSHA General Industry

Our OSHA 30 Hour General Industry course is designed for supervisors, leads, seasoned employees, and/or those looking to enhance their occupational safety education journey with strong building blocks to aid …

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As they say, knowledge is power, and the world of risk management is no exception. We pride ourselves in offering our clients top-of-the-line educational resources and classes that encompass all the facets of risk management in a variety of settings.

Training programs can be tailored for many settings, and are suitable for a variety of positions, from security personnel to administrators to clinicians. Programs are presented in-person, on demand, or as ready-to-use modules. By working with members to develop customized resources and services, Antum Risk continually focuses on employee, patient, and visitor safety and risk and liability mitigation. Visit the Learn More section below to request a specific type of training tailored to your needs.

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