Professional & General Liability

Professional liability insurance (PLI) is insurance that protects professionals, including physicians, against claims of negligence, among others, initiated by their patients. Physicians  who have expertise in a specific practice area or specialty require this type of insurance because general liability insurance policies do not offer specific protection against claims that may arise out of incidents such as negligence, malpractice or misrepresentation.

General liability insurance for the healthcare industry, on the other hand, covers common risks like injury, property damage or advertising injury. For example, general liability coverage protects the business interests of a clinic or hospital and also helps employers qualify for leases and contracts for commercial real estate, among other things.

Founded in 2001, the Medical Professional & General Liability Program is a group captive that provides an affordable solution for the professional and general liability exposures of not-for-profit healthcare providers.

Group self-insurance has proven to be the lowest cost alternative over time while providing economies of scale, specialized risk management, and claims administration services and better outcomes.

This program’s focus on patient safety, coupled with specialized risk management services, emphasis on prompt event reporting, early resolution and superior claims administration, ensures that its clients have the best possible solution for their medical malpractice needs. Liability claims administration, underwriting and risk management services are provided to our clients under a contract with Antum Risk and through business alliances with other best practices companies.

"Early resolution of claims with possible liability is one of the many ways that participation in the PHLIP captive provides financial stewardship for our organization. Over the past 9 years Self Regional Healthcare has saved an estimated $5.3 million through participation in the PHLIP communication and resolution program."


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