Who We Are


Antum Risk provides a variety of risk management services to the healthcare industry. Our name was created by combining the Latin words “anceps” (risk) and “tutum” (safe). Though our name has changed over the years, we have been serving the healthcare industry since 1993.

What we do

Group Self Insurance Programs

We provide innovative solutions, serving as an alternative to the commercial insurance market. Our group programs incorporate features like the pooling of risk and a long-term approach to underwriting, which smooths out potential volatility and ultimately keeps costs down. Members actively participate in our group programs through governance roles, driving the decision-making process. Our organization focuses on collaboration to the extent that we are owned by the very organizations that we serve.

A unique feature offered in several of our group programs is the return of surplus to the members. This surplus exists only because of hard work on the part of Antum Risk and our members. Our experienced claims team works closely with members to proactively manage claims and work towards a collaborative and timely resolution. One of the keys to success lies in our dedication to risk management and use of data to drive initiatives and lower the members’ overall cost of risk.


In addition to our group programs, we provide risk management consulting services, customized to your needs. Our experienced team is well equipped to assist you in a variety of areas where you might have some challenges. Antum Risk’s background in worker safety as well as professional and general liability makes us well suited to identify risks and offer personalized solutions.

Physician practices, in particular, present a unique risk to a healthcare system. Our Physician Practice Risk Assessments have uncovered that the top categories of findings include: Infection Prevention, Medication Safety, Environmental Safety, Equipment Safety, and Lab Compliance. Through our three-step process, Antum Risk consultants are able to identify these risks before they become claims and provide strategies and tools to mitigate them.

Work with us

When you engage with us, you are aligning with an organization that appreciates the challenges you face and understands that your success is our success. If you would like more information about how we can work together, please contact us at info@antumrisk.com.

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Antum Risk

Antum Risk

Antum Risk provides a variety of risk management services to the healthcare industry. These include group self-insurance programs for workers’ compensation, professional & general liability, and medical stop-loss. We also provide customized consulting solutions to meet your risk management needs.